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RiQ’s Amazing Features


The PCS Brain is a remarkable achievement in Arduino compatible system design as it has integrated some of the most useful features for users into a single, easy-to-use package with versatile ABS transparent housing.  To build an Arduino system from scratch complete with wireless communications, motor and servo shields, PCB mounted sensors, easy-to-use connections, cables, power supply, etc. the cost would quickly turn into a $400+ shopping list. The RiQ package includes all of these elements and more! Plus, a user friendly system case with physical hooks allow you to bolt this bad boy onto just about anything you want to roboticize.

Coupled with the incredible power of the PCS Cortex programming environment, the RiQ robotic kit is one of the best values on the market! Here are some more awesome RiQ specifications:


Microcontroller ATmega328P TQFP32
Operating Voltage 5V
Input Voltage (recommended) 7-16V
Input Voltage (limits) 16V
Digital I/O Pins 14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)
Analog Input Pins 8
Flash Memory 32 KB (ATmega328) of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader
SRAM 2 KB (ATmega328P)
EEPROM 1 KB (ATmega328P)
Clock Speed 16 MHz

USB Bluetooth Interface Robots For Kids

Bluetooth Dongle

Unleash RiQ with wireless communication from your Android/IOS tablet, computer or laptop with Bluetooth capability!  RiQ can be programmed via USB also, but wireless is far more fun! Make sure to order the right dongle – Bluetooth classic or BLE.

Robot Ultrasonic Sensor Head Learn To Program

Ultrasonic Sensor

RiQ’s eyes help him find his way using ultrasonic sound waves!  Use high frequency waves to navigate and identify objects with the power of science!


Robots Infrared Sensor For Kids

Infrared Sensor

RiQ uses infrared sensors to detect differences in reflected light of off surfaces – it’s the perfect solution for line following or sumo wrestling robot matches when RiQ needs to stay in the ring!


Robot Light Sensor Learn To Program

Light Sensor

This sensor enables RiQ to react to the amount of ambient light he senses – for example, program your robot so that when the lights go on he runs for his life! 


Robot Touch Sensor STEAM Education

Touch Sensor

Use touch sensors (pressure sensitive switch) with RiQ to make sure he knows when he runs into a wall, a chair leg, or your pets.


Robot LED Sensor Programming For Kids


Now that’s flashy. Bright pink and blue LEDs give RiQ the ability to light up the room with excitement and design creativity.


DC Motor

DC Motor Capabilities

The built-in motor driver shield for the PCS Brain will control four DC motors. Based on dual L298 H-bridge, the PCS motor driver shield can drive up to 16V, and 2 amps per channel. The board takes its power from the same VIN line as the Brain board, and includes red and green surface mounted LEDs to indicate active direction and control. All driver lines are diode protected from back EMF.

Servo Capabilities

The servo driver is a based on the microcontroller ATmega328P TQFP32 with a dedicated 6V DC power supply output with filtering capacitors. It can drive four standard or continuous R/C servo motors and has bright pink LED status indicators.

Your RiQ’s PCS Brain (microcontroller) and PCS Cortex (software) are compatible with the following building systems:

LEGO®     fischertechnik®     K’NeX®     Vex®     Erector®     MINDS-i®

Programming RiQ

Easily communicate with your robot using the included PCS Cortex(TM) software.  The All-New Cortex™ 5.0 is compatible with Windows and Apple computers and, best of all, offers tablet based robotics programming for Android and iPad!!  The Cortex robotics programming language is gamified, visual, and intuitive. You’ll have so much fun with RiQ you won’t realize you’re learning to program robots!

The PCS Cortex makes learning to program as easy as dragging and connecting logic blocks together on your tablet or computer screen.  Learn logic, sequencing, and decision making concepts as you quickly learn to build increasingly complex programs.  Apply math concepts as you use degrees, counters, fractions, variables, and boolean logic operators to create robotic programs that make RiQ dance, wiggle, race, hide, battle, and squeal based on what he encounters in his environment.   Inspire others to become passionate about science and engineering through engaging robotics activities.


Light Sensors

Don’t look into the light!  Use this light sensitive device to tell RiQ if the lights are on or off.  Put him in your fridge and have him sing when the door opens!


LEDs for Fun and Status

High quality LED lights built in to RiQ’s circuit board provide vivid indicators that excite and inform on the status of everyone’s favorite programmable robot, RiQ.


Art via Science!

RiQ can draw! Get inventive with RiQ and his drawing abilities to generate, decorate, and create works of art and more.


Line Following

RiQ can follow any line using his infrared sensors! Give the little guy direction and purpose as you program him to stay in a ring, follow a line, or navigate a maze.


Ultrasonic Sensors

Use the unheard power of ultrasonic frequencies to help RiQ navigate his environment! Program RiQ to avoid obstacles or charge at full speed when he identifies his wrestling opponent in the Sumo Ring.


Robert, age 40 “I bolted The Brain to one of my drones and it was awesome!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in the RiQ kit?
The kit includes motors, cables, fischertechnik® building elements, sensors, the all powerful PCS Brain robotic controller, and even a rechargeable battery solution to provide you endless hours of RiQ excitement.  The kit includes everything you need to build the RiQ in six different ways.
  1. Scaredy Bot – He’s afraid of the light – watch him run!
  2. Art – He draws like Picasso if you can program it!
  3. Red Rover – Using the awseome force of InfraRed light, Red Rover follows lines anywhere you command!
  4. Bounce Bot – Sure, he’s touchy when you push his buttons!  Aren’t we all?!
  5. Bat Bot – Harnessing the power of ultrasonic sound waves RiQ uses echolocation to avoid obstacles!
  6. Illumi Bot – Sporting incredibly bright LEDs RiQ becomes one flashy bot whenever you command it!
 These six projects are just the beginning.  Once you learn how to take command of the PCs Brain(TM) the opportunities are endless!

I Homeschool, Can I Use RiQ to Teach Coding?
Absolutely!  PCS Edventures educational products are used in classrooms and afterschool environments all over the world.  RiQ is entirely appropriate for home education use and includes a software license that is more appropriate and more affordable for the home environment.  A student using RiQ at home will go through building and programming projects and learn the basics of coding through fast and easy robot builds and coding experiences.  From there, students literally have access to an infinite amount of projects they can create.

What is this Whole Arduino Thing About?
Arduino is AWESOME.  From the official Arduino Website: “Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects.”   RiQ has Arduino at heart as he is built on the world famous Arduino Uno platform.   RiQ is a special adaptation that makes it easy for anyone to get started with Arduino since we’ve added important features such as DC motor drivers, servo control, and easy-to-use connectors.  Best of all, the whole enchilada is wrapped up in the custom designed, transparent PCS Brain case that allows you to see all the action inside, but easily attach to a multitude of building systems.  Finally, the PCS Cortex provides you a simple drag and drop environment to learn programming, but you can easily view your Arduino based code anytime as your skills progress and you prepare to enter the text-driven, power-coding world of the Arduino language!

Can I Use a USB Connection to Program RiQ?
Communication via a USB connection is available for laptop/desktop computers on both Windows and MacOS – a USB cable is included in the RiQ kit for this purpose.

How Do I Contact You?
Email us at!  RiQ is standing by to answer questions!

What Devices Can I Use to Control and Program RiQ?
The PCS Cortex is an incredibly easy-to-use programming environment that provides the fastest and easiest way to learn how to code.  Using the simple drag and drop visual programming environment (watch our video sample to see how easy it is) RiQ fans can quickly learn how to control his behaviors.  The PCS Cortex runs on Windows, MacOS, Android, and IOS.  See the FAQ on programming with Tablet Devices for details on this topic.

About Bluetooth & Tablet Devices
Tablet Devices including Android and IOS (iPad) communicate with the PCS Brain(TM) using Bluetooth.  Make sure you select the correct Bluetooth option when you purchase.  Bluetooth classic works with most everything, however you will need to select the Bluetooth LE dongle for iOS iPad 3 and above as well as the iPad Mini.  At this time the Cortex app will be published for iPad only because of UI sizing.   Check your device specifications if you are not sure which Bluetooth dongle to select.
IMPORTANT: Tablet based programming, either Android or iOS, requires an active Internet connection for compiling the code prior to downloading it to the PCS Brain(TM).  If you are using a desktop or laptop computer you will have the option to compile locally or online.

Can I Use Bluetooth to Control RiQ from My Computer?
Absolutely – Windows and Apple computers with Bluetooth capabilities can pair and communicate with RiQ, just like tablets! Check your system specifications if you are not sure which Bluetooth dongle to select – most computers will be Bluetooth Classic compatible.  Please note – if your computer is not equipped with native Bluetooth you can buy an inexpensive USB Bluetooth dongle for your system.

Is RiQ Compatible With Other Building Systems?
Versatility is RiQ’s middle name as the PCS Brain has the ability to connect to LEGO®, fischertechnik®, K’NEX®, Vex®, Erector®, Minds-i®, and more.  Through simple R/C hobby compatible screw-hole adapters (sold separately) you can literally bolt the PCS Brain to just about anything.

What is the shipping cost for RiQ?
RiQ rides right to your door in a luxurious shipping box that we charge a flat rate of $10 for anywhere in the country. if you are interested in international shipping.


What is EdventuresLab?
EdventuresLab is an ultra-cool, high-tech learning lab program located in Boise, Idaho where students study engineering, robotics, video production, computer programming and other exciting areas.  RiQ was born in the Lab surrounded by over a hundred wildly inventive students ranging from 6 to 60 years old.  He is inspired and he is ready to rock and roll.

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Putting a comprehensive system together for robotics hobbyists took years because this robot kit covers not just the basic model ideas of driving forward or a few flashing lights. We give you a variety of easy to program sensors and extensions for possibilities in initial programming all the way to a fully functioning robot who can be a musician, robotic sweeper, or as you can find on the internet for the Arduino board, thousands of possibilities.

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